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Ocean Shores Wellness is devoted to living a holistic lifestyle & enjoying life  (or your vacation) in Ocean Shores, WA. #NamasteAtTheShores

My name is Barbie Paget. After almost 20 years in the Fortune 500 world, I switched gears to pursue my passion full time.I’m a California native and love living on the West Coast! My parents recently retired to Ocean Shores and I decided to crash the party and move my business to this magical place!

As a certified holistic nutrition specialist, group fitness instructor, stress management coach, and certified master life coach; whatever your goals, I partner with clients who want to be healthy, happy and truly, madly, deeply in love with life! 

My goal is to create a space here in Ocean Shores for people to move their body, or meditate in a quiet space. To practice peace or get support with life & wellness goals. Whether you’re a regular here, or just dropping in to get out of the rain – all are welcome.

If you’re interested in knowing more about me, you can also check my Holistic Lifestyle & Personal Development blog Stop The Stuck where I post regularly on living with purpose & joy.

I’d love to connect!